SPRING BREAK is coming up and we sometimes don’t know what to do with our kids at home or we simply just want some extra help to try to de-clutter our home. Spend some one on one with the kiddos and start de-cluttering one room at a time.

Here are some tips to make it fun and special for you and your little ones:

  1. Think of a date and schedule a time for each one of your kids. Just like if you were going to a Dr. appointment. Set up a time and how long you will spend on each project or space.
  2. I would suggest to start by spending 15 minutes of picking up toys, pillows, trash, kitchen counter tops and starting the dishwasher. By getting your everyday cleaning tasks out of the way first, you will be more focused on the new organization tasks at hand.
  3. Focus on that specific area you unlike the most. We all have a drawer, cabinet or closet we just can’t stand. Take on one space at a time.
  4. Let’s be objective and keep our emotions aside, having three boxes will help:
    • The first box is for things you want to keep
    • The second box is for things you want to sell or donate
    • The third box is storage
    If you really, really don’t use an item why keep it? Those items should go in the trash or be donated.
  5. Clear countertops and find the right places to storage those items.
  6. Shelves are a great way to keep everything organized. Add some woven baskets or bins on the shelves to hold off-season items or items not used on a regular basis. This technique will also allow you to keep the items you use the most easier to reach and it add some additional décor and style to the room.
  7. Waste baskets are the best way to keep the trash where it belongs, if you have one in each room there is no excuse to have trash where it shouldn’t be.
  8. Clean as you go and have all encourage the kiddos to pick up after themselves. Having baskets for dirty laundry and for shoes in the entryway can make everything look cleaner and organized. Creating a designated space for everyday items gives everyone a clear picture as to where things belong at all times.

Remember, Dream Garage Specialists can help you build and design cabinets and organizers anywhere in your home to help you be more efficient, organized and clutter-free.