Cabinets are a “must have” for reception areas, classrooms and medical offices. Maintaining a functional and well-organized space for your staff and creating an organized office environment will increase customer comfort and your professional appearance. Below is more information on how installing custom cabinets for these spaces will increase functionality and the aesthetics of your office space.


Functional storage and organization in schools and classrooms is essential for students and teachers. Science labs, computer labs, work areas, and craft areas need storage solutions and proper organization to keep equipment and supplies readily available while also enabling the ability to store items away properly when they are not in use. No matter the grade level or type of educational institution, classrooms will always benefit from a well organized and functional space. Show your school spirit by adding your sport team’s logo on the cabinets or decorate them with images that represent the same theme as the class’s curriculum.


A first impression is a lasting one. Make a first great impression when customers walk into your business with an organized storage solution, like custom cabinets. A well organized room will instantly make customers feel more comfortable and welcome when they walk through your doors. It will also help increase work productivity for you and your staff. We have a variety of options to choose from to best suit you and your business needs. Dream Garage Specialists can help design and advise you on the best storage and cabinet solution for your business to increase functionality and make your office space more visually appealing.


No matter if it’s a clinic, a hospital or a doctor’s office medical equipment needs to be stored and organized in a well planned, clean and functional way. Installing custom cabinets is the easiest and most practical way to go. Medical equipment and supplies that are not used regularly should be stored out of the patient’s sight to ensure safety and sanitation. Custom cabinets are a great way to store everything from monitors and x-ray equipment to cup and glove dispensers.  Having everything in the right place will increase efficiency and functionality for the staff by creating easy, organized access to supplies and/or medical equipment. Proper organization can also help keep patients from waiting too long so they can be out as fast and as soon as they get treated.

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