Walk into your garage… Then we want you to ask yourself

  • Is your garage a dirty, dusty, hot, muggy, cold and/or frigid structure?
  • Are your items stored and protected from the various destructive elements that may be found in a typical garage?
  • Do you have storage cabinets that are able to withstand any or all of the extreme conditions that can be found in your garage?
  • Do you struggle to find tools or those holiday decorations you only pull out once a year?
  • Can you fit two cars, or even ONE car in your garage?


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Just How Custom is Custom?

Does your garage have odd dimensions? No problem! Does your garage have obstructions that take up space or have prevented the installation of any other garage wall cabinet? That’s an easy fix! Do you need modular storage cabinets for household items and tools? We can help!

Cabinets from Dream Garage Specialists are not limited to your garage. Make your bedroom, your closet and even your laundry room feel larger when you install stylish comfort and innovative storage solutions with The Designers Series melamine storage systems. Like all our melamine systems Our Designer Series are custom designed and are fully adjustable with rods and shelves that can change at a moments notice. Our center island can stretch standard closet storage by 25%. Choose from a white, maple or cherry finish. Call us today at (512) 778-5923 for a FREE consultation!

See Why We’re Also The Cabinet Pros!

Window Cabinets
Your Garage Pros

We’ll transform your ordinary garage into a well organized, easy to manage and maintain, clutter-free and stress-free DREAM GARAGE!

Lasen5Custom Cabinetry

All of our cabinets are handcrafted with the finest materials available and they are all built locally in our custom workshop located in Liberty Hill, Texas.

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Our professional design team can help you create custom cabinets and storage to fit your budget – so you can store everything from a wrench to a wheelbarrow.

Providing Central Texas with custom garage cabinetry since 1999


The primary material we use is Duramine®, which are thermally infused laminate panels.  Duramine® Thermally Fused Laminate panels consist of resin-saturated decorative papers thermally fused under heat and pressure to a substrate of UltraBlend particleboard.  This product is produced using 100% recovered/recycles wood fiber core which is guaranteed to have no delamination or peel back.


All of our cabinets are all made with the highest quality and most durable materials available. Our shelves and tops and bottoms of our cabinets are 1 inch thick, the sides and doors are ¾ inches thick, and the backs of the cabinets are ¼ inches thick.  This not only ensures longevity, but it allows each shelf to hold up to 100 lbs.


We use concealed European hinges on all of our cabinets and storage systems.  This delivers a clean, chic look that is both timeless and classic.  We also carry cast steel cabinet pulls and knobs.  Choose from brushed nickel or metallic black.  We can also special order any type of handle to fit your desired design goals.


When building our custom cabinets, we utilize a construction strategy we call “pocket hole joinery”.  This revolutionary technique, originated in Ancient Egypt, involves drilling a hole at an angle — usually 15º — into one work piece, and then joining it to a second work piece with a self-tapping screw.   This eliminates the need for glue and the need for multiple drill holes.  We also use a 1 mil edge banding strip on all our cabinets to give the finished product a clean, polished look.  We use T-Molding for the edges of workbench tops and we carry Laminate, Butcher Block and Stainless Steel Countertops.

Combine all of our innovative construction techniques and materials and you are left with a truly unique and functional cabinet system.  Ensuring your finished cabinets meet both quality standards your 100% satisfaction is always our top priority!