A clean garage is the main benefit to applying an epoxy floor coating to your garage floor and who doesn’t loves cleanliness?

Floors are something we might not pay too much attention unless something is wrong with them, and yet we can’t just walk all over them as floors are an important part of our lives. They either provide for a safe work environment or the safety of our families.

This service and popularity is growing fast based on their benefits; and here is why homeowners and commercial sites are enhancing their concrete floors with quality epoxy floor coating.

1- DURABILITY – Epoxy floors are long lasting and wear resistant.

2- STRENGTH – Once epoxy converts into solid polymer it will prevent chemicals from breaking down.

3- LOW MAINTENANCE – Epoxy floors are easier to clean since they are sealed and no longer porous.

4- SAFETY- These coatings are resistant to slippage, temperatures, extreme impacts, and even fire.

5- AESTHETICS – All patterns and colors available to fit your own space and style.

6- CHEMICAL RESISTANT – They are perfect for warehouses or manufacturing plants based on its resistance to continued exposure to potentially potent chemicals.

7-TIME SAVING –  In most cases, epoxy floors are quickly and easily installed, which means less time lost.

8- BRIGHTNESS – We can improve the lighting due to reflection by using a high gloss option.

9- ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – By adding epoxy coatings, you reduce material usage or replacing vehicles due to damage.

10- LOWER MAINTENANCE – It reduces wear on vehicles, as it is more forgiving in machinery.

cleanfloorAt Dream Garage Specialists, we are experts in epoxy/polyurethane flooring with over a decade of experience with this process. We pride ourselves in being the industry leader in Central Texas when it comes to providing custom flooring and cabinet options for your garage. Call Dream Garage Specialists for your FREE in-home consultation today!  We work on both residential and commercial projects!