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When it comes to your garage flooring, what sets us apart from the competition is quality. We do not use the quick, cheap chip process that looks like salt and pepper and turns milky. Our Granite Look consists of 1/2" Chips that we blend in our shop which gives the opportunity to choose from a large selection of colors. That is why if you dream it we will build it! We are that custom.

But, your garage makeover doesn't stop with the floor. Dream Garage Specialists also offers a wide range of cabinets. Choose from cabinetry styles and finishes including Melamine, wood with a wide variety of color finishes and other components such as wall racks and tool organizers. No matter what your need may be, we have a garage system to fit your home and your budget. From start to finish floor and cabinets can be completed in 5 days.

We manufacture them in house therefore we can customize to your needs.

Steven Jones - Homeowner

“I couldn’t be happier with the products and services of Dream Garage Specialists. They transformed my garage with epoxy/poly floor coatings and cabinet installation. The cabinets are top of the line quality and the floor coating is absolutely beautiful. My wife made me do her garage after see saw mine.

The people at DGS were an added bonus. From estimate to completion, they were on-time, on-budget, and a joy to deal with. I recommend DGS to anyone looking for garage floor coatings and cabinetry.”

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